Kills Adult Mosquitoes and their Larvae.

Mister Mosquitoes has been advancing Southwest Florida mosquito control systems for over two decades. And now, we are excited to offer The Inzecto Mosquito System. Inzecto was invented and developed in association with the University of Florida and combines traps that attract and kill female egg-laying mosquitoes and INZECTO Mosquito Chips that help control mosquito larvae growth.

How Mosquitoes Reproduce

Mosquitoes need small bodies of water to lay eggs and reproduce. They also are not excellent fliers and tend to stay in the general area where they were born. Female mosquitoes are the ones that bite. On average, they live just two to three weeks, with some species living up to 100 days. Adult female mosquitoes can lay up to 100 eggs at a time for up to three times after only mating once.

Traditional Mosquito Control

Traditional mosquito control methods offer some short-term success but fall short of protection in the long run. Fogging or spraying mosquitoes kills adults, but thousands of eggs might have already been laid. Eggs can lay dormant or unhatched for as long as eight months, waiting on just a little water to hatch. And then the nuisance cycle of mosquitoes begins again.

Now Offering Inzecto Mosquito Control Systems

The Inzecto mosquito control system attracts female egg-laying mosquitoes, killing the adults and their larvae. Designed for female mosquitoes to enter and lay eggs, the trap’s inside is texturized with insecticide to provide an optimal rough surface for laying eggs—the eggs and larvae and killed by insecticide of a leaf infusion mixture inside the trap.

Our Proven Mosquito Control Treatment Plan

At Mister Mosquitoes, we combine the effective placement of Inzecto Mosquito Control Traps strategically located along the perimeter of your property with quarterly backpack fogging providing the most effective and cost-conscious mosquito control protection on the market today.

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Mister Mosquitoes Inzecto mosquito systems combined with quarterly backpack fogging are the most affordable and proven systems on the market. Easily blended into your landscape, every system can be customized to fit any property accurately.

Don’t let pesky mosquitoes prevent you from enjoying everything being outdoors has to offer. “Isn’t it time for your family or business to take back the great outdoors”? For more about our Inzecto mosquito systems at your home or business, complete our online request form, or for the fastest response, call us today at (239) 230-7020!

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